GLUDB Release Notes


PostgreSQL backend is working and getting test coverage in Travis-CI. GLUDB is now in production at least 3 different organizations and working fine. That means we're bumping to 0.2.0 and moving our Development Status (see from Alpha to Beta.


Support for delete in sqlite and mongodb. There is no support for deleting in the "cloud" backends (dynamo and gcd) right now.


Fix for v0.1.5 - we now support the sqlite backend across multiple threads. We also detect and raise an error when the in-memory sqlite feature (where filename == ":memory:") is used across multiple threads (because each thread would receive it's own copy of the database)


Broken Release This release was only to fix the sqlite backend - and that fix wasn't correct. This is why you write good unit tests!


We no longer clobber init in DBObject-annotated classes. We throw a TypeError instead.


Made the automatic date-time fields _create_date and _last_update official (including docs on how they differ from versioning dates). Also added a small util function to parse now_field() results.


Bug-fix only version - has fix for missing records when find_one is called: now None is returned (instead of an exception being thrown)


Finished the bulk of the documentation, and cleaned up versioning (including a new helper method for simple classes)


Second alpha release. Mainly a README and procedural update to the previous alpha release


First alpha release. Includes 3 backends and basic backup functionality. Documentation is still lacking.